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  1. hi….at last ..i have seen some originality…..thanks for such awesome paintings…you have the magic to depict…true emotions… thanks again

  2. Dear Tamana,

    Keep up the imagination with your fantasy./

    your all works are awesome!!!
    very good ad al the best for the future.

  3. Dear
    Really your collection is awsome I dont have much experience but from last one year what paintings and artist want to picture I keeping on looking really awsome.

  4. HI Tamanna very lovely pic. Most of them are with from depth of thoughts reflecting your strong and healthy personality. love to see some pic. Very energetic pictures. Lots of comments like same. one more comment from me. Thanks for showing us great art. see u

  5. Dear Tamms

    All your painings are addictive, just can;t take my eyes off. I love the knife plate paintings ,unbelievable can;t imagine someone not using a brush!
    You always manage to amuse me, keep up the good work