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  1. hey I am your big fan. I always see your website and try to make your painting.
    i am viscom student final year ! i also do art. do u have any work for this type of students! if yes pls reply bcoz my frnds here r poor guys thats why…..i am from chennai
    i stay in poonamallae network….so pls kindly mail me on…..
    .Your works r gr8 ….i saw all the pics…
    god bless…..

  2. Your Painting of Jesus Christ is an Amazing expression of your life to others. Congratulation Tammana!!
    Jesus Christ is not seen in human form.He is The Spirit. You will find yourself – who really you are, if you received Him in your life. Remember that Art Painting is reflection of the beauty of your inner being and the beauty is the Part of Glory. He will change you from glory to glory until you become like Him.

  3. u r strokes are as divine as ur smile……… ………………….beautiful expression of your smile and your painting …how to possibale . can u say me plz ….
    i wish u be like abstract life.

    thank u…..

  4. hi TAMANNA,
    i like your work . Keep doing good paintings and wish you good luck in future.
    I request to view my paintings on my website also.
    please do tell me what you think.
    pranay goswami
    painting artist, graphic designer
    Baroda,Gujarat state,INDIA

  5. Ms. Tamanna
    How great to know you. U r really a true artist. All your paintings are alive, un forgetable and inspired. All are awesome. Since I saw your paintings in exhibtion last time, i cannot forget -“Low Living High Thinking” are kept alive in my mind. Thanks! All the best for you.

  6. i just see ur work now! it’s such a great one and u have the gift of painting!! I like you lot .
    well done and good luck 4 ur career!!!

  7. Hi Tamanna! Came across your website after reading your comment on my friend Cedric’s Facebook page. Saw your beautiful paintings & I’m truly amazed & delighted with the colours & compositions. God bless you & your creative work. Regards, Dr. Ketan Rao.

  8. Dear Tamanna,

    Rarely have i found the combination of depth and clarity in such a perfect tease as i see in your art.


    Rudrajit 🙂

  9. Hi Tamanna

    How are you? My comments I am sure are a repetition for you. There is great life in your paintings and you as a person are lovely and really beautiful. Your description of divine strokes studio is also amazing and I loved it. Lots of Love and all the best. May you be blissful in your life.