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Testimonials of Visitors

  1. Dear Ms. Tamanna,
    Congratulation for launch the website.
    The paintings are beautiful and elegant.
    Wish you success and all the best.
    May good bless you.

  2. hey tammana ur paitings r awesome , really impressive , and elegant web design for beautiful paintings .U are an amazing artist , SUCCESS is waiting for u …

  3. hi!tamanna,heartiest congrats on the launch.the website is very impressive.this is just the beginning,now sky is the limit for u.great going!!

  4. The divine art has taken its place as the most genuine and brilliant piece of art. As a dear friend of this beautiful artist, I may say that I have such great blessing to have her in my life. My dear darling Tamanna, you have started a huge step in your career, wish you all the best.

  5. My supertalented sis,

    Your art and paintings come from the heart.They have a soul..and that is what every artist strives for..It is inherent talent. You were always sensitive to people around you and your sensitive soul has found the right medium and outlet in art…U r truly gifted, and you have kept art alive in our family…

    I love your website. The compliments from my friends keep pouring in.

    Keep it up!

    My favorites..Rock on, gossip, Om, solitude..the list goes on. I have your paintings as my desktop background!

    Proud of you!

    Love, Meenu

  6. OMG, how lucky i am to know such a great talented artist like you. Your painting are awesome… I really admire your art of painting. “Serenity” is my fave, i love the dimmed light and the environtment, its pretty much alive. “War and peace” is my another favorites.. its amazing to see the bended and the blended colors. If only i had more than 4 thumbs in me, i will give it all to u. Well done!!

  7. Hey Tamanna,I am impressed.Well done with your paintings,but the Website is really very neat.Beats all expectations.
    Kudos on putting it up.Hats off.
    More from me after I savor your paintings…
    Can’t wait.