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  1. dear tamanna,
    wow,lovely paintings.real treat to the eyes.proud to be your friend.keep it up and my best wishes for a prosperous future. i liked almost all the paintings but i like ‘the willpower’ changing emotions’ ‘serenity’ and adrift the most.

  2. You have a gift to make people comfortable and cheerful. I believe your paintings continuously give all your friends happiness and meaning of life. Congratulation. Sorry for late response.

  3. Dear Tamanna,
    Indu and me would like to extend our heartiest congratulations on the launch of your website.
    The paintings look great.
    We have been your admirer and have always admired your paintings and are very glad with the website all get an opportunity to see your great work.

  4. Saw “war and peace”,among others…Very nicely done.I realize what your thoughts would have been when painting it.The manner in which you translate feelings into art is where I realize you are exceptional.Very rarely are abstracts ever able to convey the thought as articulately as is seen in your paintings.You are right there with the masters.The colours have been beautifully used-again,very expressive.

  5. Teenu.. i am so excited for you- i always knew you were truly gifted and glad the world can see just how beautiful your work is, if i could i would buy the whole lots today! Lots of Love.

  6. Dear Tamanna

    Wow!! What a lovely presentation of your work.
    Congratulations and thanks for taking up this hobby as a profession so we can share the emotions that you put into all your paintings.
    May the hand of the Divine Lord always guide and bless your magical strokes.
    All the best and hope to adorn our walls with some of them very soon.

    Best Wishes
    Sandeep and Neerja Suri
    Sandeep / Neerja

  7. Great site and paintings. Congratulation, Ms Tamanna. Your paintings show more than what eyes can see. “Michelle” really touches me… Everything is beautiful:)

  8. Tamannaaaaaa..Congrat,hun!! Your paintings make their own marketing..a sure path to your fame!! Let’s take a picture and sign it..before it’s too late…