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Testimonials of Visitors

  1. Hi Tamanna,

    Congratulations on the launch of ur website..I have seen almost all your paintings personally and I keep admiring you for your work.I am so glad that I got to see all your paintings and tried to share my opinions about your pictures.

    I like all your paintings esp. the changing mood, the adrift and the michelle are my favourites.

    you are rocking and keep going…
    All the best for your future projects..

  2. Dear Tams,
    What can I say,the paintings speak for themselves!The more u explore the depths of ur heart and soul, wonders would happen to u and the flowers would be the art spreading DIVINITY all over.
    Tams enjoy and fall in love with the creations of Divinity!And so mwill the world!

  3. Hi Tina, congratulations for the launched of your website..I love your pictures especilly The great Jesus Christ..I never know about art painting at all but when I saw your talent in painting, really awesome!! Go ahead & I wish may success always be yours..

    Best regards

  4. Dear Tamanna,
    Great feeling to see your art reach such a high level!
    Paintings like “Against All Odds” speak for themselves!
    Colours in “The Metellic Decor” are my fav.
    I can go on and on ,being an artist myself.

  5. Dear Tamanna,
    WOW! I am really impressed with your awesome,outstanding and commendable work.
    You are a great artist.
    Each painting speaks itself.
    I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
    Keep on growing with your magical hands.

  6. WOW! your website is too cool…..![sid says]you are on the wright path,just keep on doing your work,& reast all leave it on god.I was almost in tears when I saw “Michelle”painting with the lovely poem it just touchess the heart. ALL THE BEST FROM THE BOTTEM OF MY HEART! YOU ARE ON THE WAY OF SUCCESS! GOD BLESS !