“Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely. Light & colour, peace and hope will keep them company to the end of the day” [Winston Churchil] Ever since my hobby has changed to be the main focus in my life, I can’t think of a job that is quite as satisfactory as being a painter. My art has been in continous transition – growing and evolving everyday. I experiment with new forms, styles, textures – and find each one more fascinating than the other – be it pure abstract, surrealism, impressionism or just direct realism. It’s too difficult to make a general rule about my style or ”aliran” as they call it in Indonesia. I think, by not labeling my style, I am able to maintain a kind of open mindedness and freedom in doing what I love. I paint because I love it and it keeps me happy. I can’t offer any other theories.
“In painting,there is not a single process which can be made into a formula” [Pierre Auguste Renoir} Here I truly identify with this great master’s words. Each of my painting follows a different path in terms of texture, style, function and purpose. Some may produce feelings of happiness, some mystique and some just everlasting peace . Seeing people connecting with my paintings in different ways, gives me the greatest satisfaction. It is my intent as an artist, to evoke some sort of emotional response from the viewer. My Thoughts about Abstract Art Of all styles, my personal favourite has grown to be abstract art. May be because abstract art is truly the picture of human emotions.
“The more abstract is the form, the more clear and direct is the appeal” [Kandisky]
I feel abstractions come on canvas spontaneously, just owing to the creative instinct of the artist.
I feel we all see abstract art in our dreams. Our dreams are very unclear and strange. But still it is a part of our deep subconscious, isn’t it? I think abstract art is exactly that. And for me, dreams might as well be the training ground for artists. “Anything painted directly on the spot, always has a strength, a power and a lively touch” [Boudin]
I love textures Many of my paintings are textured using various mediums. I feel that textured paintings not only stimulates the sense of sight, but also the sense of touch.
To give a thick or 3D effect to an object in the painting, I use texture white paste, sand or just thick paint directly using a tissue instead of the brush [esp. when making thick plantations]
Many times I make use of my fingers for putting direct thick paint on the canvas.
I have also used my fingerprints for a particular texture effect on certain canvases.
Touching and manipulating a painting definitely creates an emotional connection between the painter and the painting.
Colour “Colours in paintings are allurements for persuading the eyes” [Nicholas] Paintings wouldn’t be paintings if they were not colourful. Colour, after all, enriches the canvas. It probes more deeply into the object and theme. I know, for sure, I have an instinct for colour. My mother always insists that every painter has his own set of favourite colours which will be there in every painting. To me, the freedom to use my preferred colours and then be able to create a beautiful creation that is a visual feast for all eyes-gives the greatest satisfaction of all. Sometimes just a splash of color can create the most mind boggling effect.
“The brush strokes and colour are the key — the subject doesn’t matter after that”[Boudin]
I read somewhere the advice given by the famous artist Chuck Rawle
“Be generous with your paint. Put out twice as much as you think you will need and use all of it”
And I follow his advice word to word.. and I love the outcome everytime.